Career Coaching

imagineWork is a global consultancy that has successfully connected professionals and leading businesses who are committed to mutual growth and success. With over 20 years of high-impact programs helping companies hire and retain top performers, we are sharing this expertise with motivated professionals who want to benefit from this “inside perspective” to gain more meaningful work and thrive in their careers.

Our team provides insight driven coaching for individuals based on years of internal experience, neuroscience and habit building. This includes all aspects of conducting a career search, personal branding and thriving professionally whether pursuing a big promotion, experiencing a career transition, or seeking more meaningful work. And as professionals working “location independent” for many years, we also offer coaching specific for those desiring a digital nomad lifestyle.

If you feel it’s about time to give your career development or job search a needed boost, drop us a line to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute call to get started this week! 



  • Fernando Garrido Vaz

    Fernando Garrido Vaz


    I can safely say I would not have had a remote career if it weren’t for Rhonda. She has provided crucial advice and guidance on all aspects of my journey. As a pioneer in building effective remote teams, Rhonda knows the traits and skills remote teams are looking for and can help you ensure you make those stand out.

  • Miles Husid

    Miles Husid


    Rhonda truly cares about the people she works with and has a keen understanding of the present job market. She was even able to guide me to thought leaders ​for exploratory conversations which widened my network and helped me better understand various roles within the industry. Her enthusiasm and compassion for helping people find jobs is unsurpassed. As a soon to be college graduate, the prospect of finding employment can be daunting. But through my meetings with Rhonda I was able to take some of the uncertainty out of the equation, as well gain confidence by building my own job network and interview skills. I recommend Rhonda wholeheartedly to anyone who might be looking for a job or wants to see what else is out there. Rhonda is not only a great mentor, but a great human as well!

  • Pooja Mistry

    Pooja Mistry


    I have known Rhonda for over five years and she has been the sane voice that I need when it comes to my career related decisions. I have reached out to her on numerous occasions in these five years and she has always supported me in figuring out what was right for me. Her direct questions about the situation help me see clearly through the fog enabling me to make rational decisions. She is and will always remain my go-to person for career related decisions and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance on their career related situations.